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Empowering You to Own Your Birth Experience


My name is Juliet Henson. I earned a bachelor's degree in Music Education with a minor in Spanish, but I found my calling in birth work after the birth of my second biological son. I have been fortunate to have had six amazing birth experiences. I labored in my own way, without medications or unnecessary intervention, and my children were all born into their father’s hands, whether they were born in the hospital or at home. I might dare to say I am a childbirth addict! I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as some of the most beautiful things about humanity.



Midwife Assistant


Part of the beauty of an out of hospital birth is creating your own birth team. The relationship formed with your birth team is an incredible one, and it can last a lifetime! As your midwife assistant, I work alongside your midwife during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I will attend a minimum of 2-3 prenatal visits and can be reached by phone or text throughout your pregnancy. At your birth, I provide vital checks on you and your baby, monitoring during labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum, and help with positioning ideas, labor maneuvers, and comfort measures. I also provide your in home postpartum visit 4-5 days after birth and attend either your 2 week or 6 week postpartum visit in clinic.

I maintain certifications in neonatal resuscitation and basic live saving measures.


My only regret was not booking her sooner so that I was able to better mentally prepare!

-Mama S

After 29 hours, she never left my side. When our girl was finally born, we all cried tears of relief. She was fully invested! Juliet is professional, prompt and extremely flexible and accommodating to your needs. I’m grateful she was a part of our story.

-Mama L

I have had the privilege of experiencing her calm and peaceful presence, and she is amazing.

-Mama B

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"Empowerment in birth...lies within the woman herself."

Josie Greaves, Midwife


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